Traditional Care

Come in today to have one of our knowledgeable doctors discuss anything you want to know about your pet’s health from diet to preventative care. Our staff believes a well educated pet owner can make the best decisions for their pet’s health. We will work on establishing a high-quality relationship with you so that you are comfortable with your pet’s health plan. Both of our doctors are comfortable seeing exotic pets.


Here at Autumn Green Animal Hospital we understand that each pet is different and therefore may require different vaccine protection.  Our doctors will take time to discuss with you what vaccines your pet will need.  As an owner, rest assure that our doctors do not push vaccines that are unnecessary for your pet’s health.  We have also invested a lot of time researching which vaccines are safest and most beneficial for your pet’s health.  To check if your pet is still protected, we offer vaccine titer tests in lieu of giving some vaccines.

Surgery and Diagnostics

Our fully operational treatment area utilizes state of the art equipment for accurate lab diagnostics. Digital radiographs are available for both dental and body radiographs. In house testing is available for fecal tests, urinalysis and bloodwork.  Our compassionate doctors and staff are well trained to perform routine and advanced surgical procedures.


We love our furry friends as much as the next guy, but when they get all muddy and shaggy it’s nice to let someone else take over to get them looking fluffy and clean again! Besides, your pets are so good to you, why not let them have a little spa day to get all cleaned up!  Look out for before and after pictures on our Facebook page and our photo album. Our groomers take time listening to what you want. Special requests are welcome.

Services she offers during grooming are:

  • Filing of nails to round off any sharp edges that occur after a nail trim
  • Teeth brushing with natural toothpaste and oral freshener
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Pad shaving-aids in better traction for senior pets on smooth surfaces; also reduces collection of mud balls and other outdoor debris
  • Internal and external anal gland expression
  • Nail trimming
  • Haircuts that adhere to breed standards
  • De-shedding and de-skunking
  • Use of essential oils for healing and calming purposes


We have 2 wonderful trainers that are available during the week to meet any of your training needs.

Amber Walker is the owner and lead trainer of Animal Intuitions: Inspiring. Enriching. Positive. Training. She is a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) and earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She has been training exotic and domestic animals through positive reinforcement methods since 2001.

Phyllis Zboril, owner of Go Dog! Training is the only professional dog trainer in the western suburbs educated through the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers.  She’s been training professionally for 10+ years.

We are thrilled that she is available to train at Autumn Green Animal Hospital bringing her wide impressive range of knowledge and experience. Her main focuses are Puppy Training, and Private Dog Training with an emphasis in both classes on open communication between pets and their parents.

Boarding with daycare playtime included!

Come by for a tour of our beautiful luxury boarding, play area and outdoor mud free yard! We have three sizes of runs to pick from, and a huge indoor play area for your pet to get plenty of exercise in.

Can I see where my pet will stay?

Absolutely! As a staff full of pet parents, we know how important knowing where they’ll stay is to you- especially when it’s not home sweet home. But our dedicated staff will do our best to make it feel like home.

Can my pets share a run?

Yes, as long as they get along and have enough room together, we are fine with that. Pssst- we’ll even take $10 off the combined price to give you a little break!

How is your yard mud-free?

Our yard is artificial-turf with a 3 drainage tubes underneath surrounded by very small gravel to allow cleaning and disinfection – so mud is never an issue.

What if my pet is an escape artist that jumps the fence?

The yard is also fully fenced with an 8 foot high jump-proof fence.  There is only one way in and out to our building so your pet stays safely where they should.

Do they get play time out of the kennel?

Included in the price of boarding is daycare! We have staff to keep them busy 5-6 hours a day! That’s right 5-6 hours of play time out of the kennel! Pets are never left in play areas unattended. All pets are tested for aggression while leashed to see if they can play with others for their safety, and then it’s all running, catching, and jumping from there!

Do they come home dirty after all that time with other dogs?

After three nights of boarding with us, your pet automatically gets a complimentary bath by our friendly kennel staff before going home. If you plan to pick up early in the morning just let our receptionist know at drop off so they can make a note for a bath the night before.

Can I pay for a groom instead of complimentary bath?

We would be happy to schedule a grooming appointment for you, but you would need to speak to our groomer about your instructions. As long as an appointment coincides with your pet’s stay they’ll go home fluffy and all spruced up.

What if my dog is not friendly with other pets?

No problem, we can make special arrangements for them to be played with away from the stress of other dogs. We can even put a barrier over the door of the kennel so they don’t see the other dogs.

What do I need to bring?

We do ask that you bring their own food to avoid any tummy upset, but if you forget to bring it we can provide a bland diet for them.

Other than that all leashes, collars, toys and treats all stay in a cubby right by their kennel so personal items do not get misplaced when not being used.

We provide plush bedding for all pets, but if they feel more comfortable on their own bed you can bring that with you too.

What vaccines do you require for boarding?

By law all pets have to have a current Rabies Vaccine. For your pet’s safety we also recommend a current Distemper, Bordetella, a parasite free Fecal, and an Exam within the last year.

We will accept current records from other hospitals to be faxed over, or if you have the hard copy just bring that in to be scanned into your pet’s record here.

What if I have an exotic pet that needs to be boarded?

We are happy to make accommodations for any pet that needs a place to board from birds to guinea pigs.  We are here to give them a safe place for them to stay when you are away.