Traditional Care

Come in today to have one of our knowledgeable doctors discuss anything you want to know about your pet’s health from diet to preventative care. Our staff believes a well educated pet owner can make the best decisions for their pet’s health. We will work on establishing a high-quality relationship with you so that you are comfortable with your pet’s health plan. Both of our doctors are comfortable seeing exotic pets.


Here at Autumn Green Animal Hospital we understand that each pet is different and therefore may require different vaccine protection.  Our doctors will take time to discuss with you what vaccines your pet will need.  As an owner, rest assure that our doctors do not push vaccines that are unnecessary for your pet’s health.  We have also invested a lot of time researching which vaccines are safest and most beneficial for your pet’s health.  To check if your pet is still protected, we offer vaccine titer tests in lieu of giving some vaccines.

Surgery and Diagnostics

Our fully operational treatment area utilizes state of the art equipment for accurate lab diagnostics. Digital radiographs are available for both dental and body radiographs. In house testing is available for fecal tests, urinalysis and bloodwork.  Surgery can be performed with a surgical CO2 laser.  We also have a therapeutic laser to decrease inflammation post-operatively.  Our compassionate doctors and staff are well trained to perform routine and advanced surgical procedures.