Boarding with daycare playtime included!

Available 7 days per week

Includes day care services


Pick Up/Drop Off

Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM

Saturday 8AM-3:30PM

Sunday (pick up only)  5PM-5:15PM

Kennel Sizes

Small Run: 4’ x 6’

Medium Run: 5’ x 6’

Large Run: 6’ x 6’



Can I see where my pet will stay?

Absolutely! As a staff full of pet parents, we know how important knowing where they’ll be staying is to you – especially when it’s not home. But our dedicated staff will do our best to make your pet feel at home.

Can my pets share a run?

Yes, as long as they get along and have enough room together, we are fine with that. We’ll even take 10% off the combined price to give you a little break!

How is your yard mud-free?

Both of our outdoor and indoor yards are an artificial-turf with a 3 drainage tubes underneath surrounded by very small gravel to allow cleaning and disinfection – so mud is never an issue.

What if my pet is an escape artist that jumps the fence?

The yard is fully fenced with an 8-foot-high jump-proof fence. There is only one way in and out to our building so your pet stays safely where they should.

Do they get play time out of the kennel?

Included in the price of boarding is daycare! We have playgroups from 7AM-7PM. Groups are rotated frequently so everyone has a chance to play! Pets are never left in play areas unattended, and all pets are tested to see what group they’d do best in. We also offer solo play to dogs that aren’t pet friendly and can’t be in playgroups.

Do they come home dirty after all that time with other dogs?

After three nights of boarding with us, your pet automatically gets a complimentary bath by our friendly kennel staff before going home. If you plan to pick up early in the morning just let our receptionist know at drop off so they can make a note for a bath the night before.

Can I pay for a groom instead of complimentary bath?

We would be happy to schedule a grooming appointment for you, but you would need to speak to our groomer about your instructions. As long as an appointment coincides with your pet’s stay, they’ll go home fluffy and all spruced up.

What do I need to bring?

We require that you bring your own food to avoid any upset stomachs, and any medications that your fur-baby may need as well. For oral medications there is a $4 fee per day (not per medication) and for any injectable medications it is $15 per day.

What we provide: We have enough bowls for both food and water for all of our four-legged friends. We also have plenty of toys for them to use while in playgroup.

We provide plush bedding for all pets

Other than that, all leashes, collars, personal toys and treats all stay in a cubby right by their kennel so personal items do not get misplaced when not being used.

What if my pet isn’t spayed/neutered?

That’s not a problem, we welcome altered and unaltered pets! We just won’t put an intact female in the same group as an intact male.

What vaccines do you require for boarding?

By law all pets have to have a current Rabies Vaccine. For your pet’s safety we also require a current Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, a parasite free Fecal. However, we do accept waivers for Bordetella and Distemper/Parvo.