Kristina Dodge


Kristina’s passion and desire for helping canines has shown through her dedication to them since 1997.  Over the course of her 18 years in the dog grooming profession, she researched other ways she could help dogs feel better.  Often times when pet parents would drop off their dog for a day at the ‘spa’, pet owners would mention that the dog has arthritic legs, an old back injury or hip dysplasia.  Kristina recognized that relieving a sore pet was where her future lay.

Kristina graduated from Canine Massage Chicago’s 200-hour Canine Massage Therapist program in fall of 2011.  She has also attended a Pack to Basics seminar focusing on understanding canine behavior.   Kristina incorporates the use essential oils every day at work and at home.  One of her favorite techniques to apply on animals is the Raindrop Treatment.  Additionally, as a Level I Reiki Practitioner, Kristina can apply a hands-off approach to the acute, painful pets she works on to facilitate healing.

Having a collective background in canine nutrition, essential oils, energy work, canine massage and canine behavior, Kristina rounds out her abilities by applying low stress handling grooming techniques.  When not grooming, massaging, cooking or staying fit, she enjoys playing fetch with her 8-year-old Boston Terrier Diesel and relaxing with her two cats, Spacey and Cody.

Services she offers during grooming are:

  • Filing of nails to round off any sharp edges that occur after a nail trim
  • Teeth brushing with natural toothpaste and oral freshener
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Pad shaving-aids in better traction for senior pets on smooth surfaces; also reduces collection of mud balls and other outdoor debris
  • Internal and external anal gland expression
  • Nail trimming
  • Haircuts that adhere to breed standards
  • Deshedding and deskunking
  • Use of essential oils for healing and calming purposes


Only natural, earth friendly, green products are used at all times.