Hi my name is Rachel and animals have always been a huge part of my life. Pets help us in so many ways and being able to return that kindness is endlessly gratifying! Over 20 years ago I started my first job as an assistant at our family veterinarian’s clinic in Chicago and despite having graduated from college with a totally unrelated degree, I haven’t looked back since! I’m happy to find myself at Autumn Green now as I have a growing interest in homeopathy and a more holistic approach to medicine.

I am currently living in Saint Charles with my husband, my beautiful fellow animal loving daughter, and our fur/feather babies: one Quaker Parrot named Clover, two cats Star and Pretzel and a floofer dog named Paisley. When I am not devoting my time to critters, I enjoy catching live music, drawing and painting and being artsy, spending time in nature any way I can, music festivals and camping, skating and snowboarding, and attempting to satisfy my ongoing fascination with science, philosophy, and the true nature of reality.