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Information on DCM

As of recently, the media has broadcast a lot of misleading information regarding what food is best to feed your pet. We understand the love you have for your pet and want what's best for them; we do too. With the recent FDA reports of cardiac issues in dogs, pet parents … [Read More...]

Join us April 19th for an Easter Party!

Bring your pup(s) into Camp Pawsitive Good Friday, April 19th, for our Easter Party! Fun activities include photos with the Easter Bunny, Easter egg surprise, and more! We'll even be sending you home with your pups Easter photo (via email). … [Read More...]

Dental Cleaning Time of Year!

In both February and March, Autumn Green Animal Hospital is running a 10% off for dental cleaning and polishing.  An unhealthy mouth leads to disease in the rest of the body.  Let's keep everybody healthy.  Call us to schedule an appointment! … [Read More...]

Wondering what holiday gift to give your pet loving friends? How about an Autumn Green Animal Hospital Gift Certificate!

Every pet deserves the best care possible. If you have tried our services, you’ll agree that Autumn Green Animal Hospital not only cares about your pets, but is happy to offer unique services such as Acupuncture and Chiropractic care. Delight your friends and family this … [Read More...]

Summer Storms and Fireworks

Many dogs become anxious during thunderstorms and fireworks.  Come in to find out about our natural options such as Young Living essential oils and homeopathic remedies. … [Read More...]