Keeping your pet safe during New Years is easy if you follow these easy steps!

1.) Make sure you have all current and updated identification for your pet. 

Check that your pet’s identification tag has the correct name, address and phone number to contact you.

Also, update any microchip information that may have changed since your pet was microchipped.

2.) Keep your pet indoors. 

Make sure you pet stays indoors and away from intoxicated neighbors.

When your pet needs to go relieve itself, make sure they are accompanied and wearing a snug collar leash and harness.

3.) Create a safe a comfortable space for your pet. 

A space of their own with some relaxing music where guests do not go can make a world of difference. Keeping them in their own space also prevents them from ingesting hazardous holiday foods and alcohol that can be fatal. Check on them regularly to ensure they are not anxious from outside noises and guests. Diffusing in the air or a light application of  a therapeutic oils such as Young Living Lavender, or Peace and Calming can help relax them as well.

Just a reminder that even an otherwise docile pet can act out with aggression when fearful, anxious or confused. Help keep your guests and your pet safe by preparing ahead.