Information on DCM

As of recently, the media has broadcast a lot of misleading information regarding what food is best to feed your pet. We understand the love you have for your pet and want what’s best for them; we do too.

With the recent FDA reports of cardiac issues in dogs, pet parents have more questions than ever about pet food. It’s scary not knowing what to feed your beloved canine family member. We are here to help answer your questions. We are on top of the latest developments in regards to this issue.

What is DCM?
DCM stands for Dilated Cardiomyopathy. DCM is a disease of a dog’s heart muscles and results in an enlarged and weakened heart. As the heart and its chambers become dilated, it becomes harder to pump. This can lead to a buildup of fluid in the chest and abdomen which can lead to Congestive Heart Failure.

How Common is DCM?
As of April 30th, 2019, the FDA received reports of 524 pets with DCM over the past five years. The American Veterinary Association estimates that there are 77 million dogs in the US. That is approximately 1 out of every 138,000 dogs (less than 0.01%). Certain breeds are genetically predisposed to the condition. A list of those breeds can be found in the FDA statement.

Is Grain-Free the Cause?
The FDA report states “It’s important to note that the FDA doesn’t yet know how certain diets may be associated with DCM in some dogs”
This means that they have not established a link and the actual cause is not yet determined.

We recommend rotating brands and protein sources to help prevent dietary deficiencies. We also recommend wheat free/ gluten free / fish free / dairy free foods as foods with these ingredients cause many inflammatory conditions. Please call us at (630) 232-2222 to discuss your pets unique dietary needs, we’d be happy to help find your pet the perfect diet.

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