Dr. Lidia Komina

Dr. Lidia KominaI was the first one in my family to be born in the United States. My family is originally from Macedonia (of the former Yugoslavia). I have a great interest in space and science; I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I even considered becoming an aerospace engineer at one point; however, my love of animals won out.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do. All too often, animals don’t get the recognition they deserve. I’m so grateful to be able to care and help them and, in turn, their owners. I love the relationships I form with clients and their pets. It’s so wonderful being able to care for animals throughout their lives. Being a veterinarian is like a dream come true. Veterinary medicine is constantly changing with more options to pets and their owners. I have just started to scratch the surface with alternative medicine and homeopathic medications. I believe that combining western and eastern medicine can bring about the best outcomes in whole body health.

My husband, Michael, and I share our home with our children, Kullen and Brynn. Our pets, miniature dachshund Valentine and kitty Magnum, complete our family. In my free time, I am an avid DIY’er (do it yourself-er). My husband and I have been renovating our home for the past two years and have many more projects planned.