Sue is very excited to join Autumn Green Animal Hospital.  Having thirteen years’ experience, she is happy to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Grant, always trying to better understand the bond we share with animals.  “I can’t wait to explore the holistic, homeopathic and Eastern Philosophies of practicing medicine.  I hope to gain deeper insight into and better strengthen the connection we share with our animals through a more natural approach that treats mind, body and soul.”  A very strong advocate of rescue and adoption Sue passionately “encourages everyone to please adopt; don’t shop for your next family member.  We are lucky to have so many wonderful rescue organizations in Illinois.”  When she is not working, Sue can be found with her 3 little rescues, 2 long-haired Dachshunds, PolyJean and Merle, and Wendigo, a Dachshund-Schnauzer mix.  “We enjoy camping with my boyfriend, long walks, hanging out on the porch, and cuddling on the couch and can’t wait to start our next adventure—Nose Works!”  “I look forward to meeting you and your baby!”